This week I’ve been kept busy with my contribution for the Boneshaker exhibition. In addition to exhibiting works from regular contributors, the exhibition is bringing together various cycling-inspired projects from around Bristol, e.g. photographs of The Bristol Bike Project. The show runs from Friday the 10th, to coincide with the start of the Bristol Cycling Festival, for two weeks upstairs at Howies on the Clifton Triangle.

As far as my contribution is concerned, the idea, when I remember to bring the post-it notes tomorrow, is that people will be encouraged to finish the sentence “I DREAM OF A TIME WHEN:” with whatever they want, and then stick it to the wall somewhere between the drawing and the silhouetted landscape beneath.

[Sketched with pencil, inked with pen, on white paper, mounted on foamboard. It took ages, but I didn’t mess it up too bad, so I’m happy.]

[The silhouettes are just cut out of black card and stuck with double-sided-tape to the wall. Peeling the back of small bits of double-sided-tape is fiddly, and took me hours.]